The story behind Procure Tools

At Procure Tools, our journey commenced in 2009 with a vision to establish connections between suppliers and procurement officers in local authorities, public bodies, and the broader public sector. Our quest for essential information led us on an extensive research expedition, harnessing diverse resources and employing innovative techniques.

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Our values and principles

Unlocking Crucial Insights

Bridging the Information Gap: Unlocking Crucial Insights

Recognising the scattered and inaccessible nature of vital procurement data, we took decisive action to ensure seamless access to critical information.

Maximising Cost-Efficiency

Enabling Collaborative Procurement: Maximising Cost-Efficiency

We spearheaded cross-sector collaboration to uncover valuable aggregation opportunities, maximising cost savings for every type of public body.

A Resilient Database

Establishing a Solid Foundation: A Resilient Database

With unwavering commitment, we built a robust database that serves as a reliable source of accurate and actionable business intelligence for suppliers.

Cutting-Edge Web-Based Software

Innovating Intelligent Analysis: Cutting-Edge Web-Based Software

Through our state-of-the-art web-based software, we drive intelligent analysis, equipping decision-makers with invaluable insights for informed choices.

In-Depth Contract Information

Empowering Cost-Effective Solutions: In-Depth Contract Information

Our mission is to empower procurement practitioners with comprehensive contract and spend data, enabling them to achieve significant cost savings.

Unparalleled Contract Access

Actionable Business Intelligence: Unparalleled Contract Access

Gain an edge with our comprehensive repository of genuine procurement intelligence across all categories, providing actionable insights to drive your business forward.
After years of dedicated effort, we are thrilled to unveil our best-in-class UK Public Sector Business Intelligence empowering your organisation with vital information at your fingertips. Discover how Procure Tools can revolutionise your public sector strategies.

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Our best-in-class UK Public Sector Business Intelligence solution puts vital information right at your fingertips.


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